Hi! This is a pastebin application just like pastebin.com except here you can paste colourful html content as well.

I made this primarily to share logs from text games I play, mostly Achaea. I know there are a lot of other such solutions but... either

  • they don't support pasting in html
  • require you to login when they do
  • or make you upload a file
  • ... something else I found annoying

Here the focus is on simplicity and utility. Auto-focus on the paste field with keyboard accelerators means mouse free operation.

No required fields means you can paste, hit ctrl-enter (or alt-enter if it's html) and you're done!

Tesha and Ada - drawn by Tibitha

Lookie Ada and Tesha as drawn by Tibitha!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Acceptable Use Policy?

This site is mostly meant for game logs but it can serve as a general purpose pastebin as well. For that, I'll just reiterate pastebin.com's policy here.

Please do NOT post:

  • email lists
  • login details
  • stolen source code
  • password lists
  • personal information / data
  • pornographic information / data
  • spam links (this includes promoting your own site)

When does stuff expire?

Pastes are deleted after 180 days have passed since they were last viewed. Google Drive hosted content is kept for as long as possible.

What happens if I sign in?

Signing in allows you to manage your pastes. Specifically, it lets you delete your pastes regardless of the expiry schedule.

I pasted in html but I'm seeing the html source?

You need to click on the 'Colourful HTML' button to flag your paste as html content before pasting.

How do I make private pastes?

Just don't add any tags to your paste and it won't appear in the search results.

What is the max paste size?

The maximum size a paste can be is 2000 kilobytes (~2 megabytes). You can try to paste more too, but anything beyond that is compressed. The paste is rejected if it's still over 2000 kilobytes after compression.

How do I contact you?

Umm.. I'm Ada on Achaea. I'm on GitHub too! I don't want to give out my email here, sorry!

Paste to Google Drive!

Hi again! It's possible to paste your things straight to your Google Drive now! Here's a rundown of how it works:

  1. Paste/Write something in the big box!
  2. Select from Plain Text / Colourful HTML.
  3. Select the Google Drive datastore option (Google Drive) and click Paste it!
  4. This will open a window asking for your consent, you need a Google Account to sign in.
  5. The consent screen would have the following permission listed in there:
    • Google Drive permissions
    This permission grants the application access to files and folders it created itself only. You can read more about it here!
    Sometimes you may see an permission called 'Have Offline Access', that's a thing with Google APIs when you request a permission which was already granted before. Offline access is not required nor used by the application.
  6. Once you have granted access, you should start seeing a folder called Pastebin!! in your Google Drive!
  7. You can disconnect your Google Drive any time by going to Settings > Manage Apps or from your My Account page. Disconnecting the application does not remove content from you Google Drive unless you delete it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I connect my Google Drive at all?

I can think of FIVE really good reasons!

  • One, you get to manage your content yourself. Lookit it, change it, download it, even delete it!
  • Two! You use up your own storage quota and free up space available to the application!
  • Three! Your pastes no longer expire after 180 days. No more expiring content!
  • Four! Your pastes can be a lot bigger if they're going to your massive Google Drive instead of my tiny little datastore!
  • Five! You get an adorable little icon on each of your Google Drive hosted content proclaiming of its longetivity!

Clicking on the Paste to Google Drive! button does nothing?

You need to have some content in the big box before attempting to paste.

I disconnected my Google Drive and reconnected again, now I'm seeing TWO Pastebin!! folders?!

When an application connects to Google Drive, all the files it creates are marked as its property and made available to it. However, when you disconnect, all those files no longer carry that mark and are consequently no longer available to the application. When you reconnect, the application tries to look for its folder, can't find it (it's no longer its property, remember?) and proceeds to make a new folder. And that's how you have two Pastebin!! folders now!

I deleted something from my Google Drive but it's still appearing in the application?!

Oh, Google Drive will serve a file even if it's sitting in your Trash. Delete it from there as well!

I deleted it from Trash as well but it's still appearing in the application?!

Oops, it's probably still in the cache! Give it a few hours and it'll poof from there as well on its own.

Cookie and Privacy Policy!

This application uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Protection against Cross Site Request Forgery (Required)
  2. Remembering your paste destination (AEDatastore/Google Drive)
  3. Remembering your last ten pastes and giving you the delete button for them
  4. If you elect to sign in, cookies are used to maintain sessions that grant a notion of 'ownership' to all pastes made while signed in, further giving you the option to delete them regardless of the last-ten facility. Signing in does not reveal your email to the application
  5. Temporary storage of Google Drive credentials, they're removed after one use. Pasting to Google Drive does not require signing in and it does not reveal your email or uniquely identify you to the application

We have the following third party cookies as well:

  1. We use Cloudflare for security and performance and they may occasionally place a cookie to enable the various anti-spam and protection measures they implement. They have a Cookies Document describing the cookies in use and their purpose
  2. The Google ReCAPTCHA service may place cookies and measure various metrics to help fight against spam. It is governed by their own Terms and Privacy Policy